About Us

Bitflikz is the leading cryptocurrency news website for all sorts of cryptocurrency fanatics. The blockchain community is a unique set of humans that prefer to be updated on the most recent events across the space. These types of individuals are constantly seeking room for growth and they are willing to read almost everything they can get their hands on. This allows us at Bitflikz to be proud of what we publish since are group of readings are highly dedicated. We at Bitflikz hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability and we love serving the blockchain community.

Bitflikz was founded in 2015 and it has a reach of 500,000 users. The cryptocurrency market-cap is raising year after year and can potentially reach the same level as the dot com era in late 1990’s. We at Bitflikz have positioned well to capitalize during this time. The reason we believe this is because the dot com bubble bursted when it was trillions of dollars big however the blockchain bubble looks like it can reach the same level potentially.

Bitflikz is looking forward to working with the blockchain community and updating them everyday. Our goal is to make sure all cryptocurrency fanatics get there information in a timely matter. Our goal is to be one of the largest cryptocurrency news sites in the world and we have the right team in place to accomplish this goal.

Believe in us and we will believe in you…

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