The Theft of a $1 Billion Dollar Blockchain -Ethereum/ Facing Legal Action

Statue of Life
Statue of Life

We have decided to launch legal action against the Ethereum foundation and the development team. Please join us if you feel you have been effected in any way through the actions of the Ethereum foundation or

We are motivated by our crypto morals, ethics and the unspoken law within our culture. We are backed by the real word legal system and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Not only do we challenge the foundation but we demand a full public Audit of the funds and transactions related to the Ethereum Foundation and developers.

Has there been a crime here?

Most certainly.

The theft of a USD $1billion dollar blockchain with trading assets, copyright material, websites, logos, github, development funds and employees was switched with fraudulent software. The Exchanges are now operating orderbooks with cloned software belonging to the original Blockchain. We seek to reinstate new leaders of the foundation and reclaim our $1B USD in assets.

The Ethereum Foundation is now in possession of a community asset (ETHF) and it is within our best interests to liquidate this position to extend Genesis ETH funding. As the foundation has become corrupt, they cannot be trusted to make decisions for our benefit, only themselves. 

The foundation involved themselves with a third party and begun colluding to perform a hardfork (or %51 attack) motivated by personal investment decisions.

The foundation have stepped outside their scope outlined in the original binding agreement presented to crowd-sale investors. In this structured world of law and order, it is not up to individuals to decide on what is right and wrong or what constitutes a donation, this is a matter of law.

The foundations claimed “not for profit” will come under scrutiny and we will test every action and statement made with the power of the legal system.

The team and developers provided an investment vehicle and made claims pertaining the investment. Their negligence in the execution of coding resulted in the loss of 11m ETH or $120 million US dollars of funds.

Each of these members had invested genesis positions of Ethereum and encouraged others to participate. Once they had caused this loss, they then proceeded to produce a fraudulent Blockchain in the attempts to recover their investment.

They successfully executed a joint operation collectively defrauding investors and offering them with cloned software as a substitute, benefiting themselves financially.

This was conducted in collaboration with the Ethereum foundation and pressure was mounted upon the community with heavy campaigning, propaganda and strong arm bully tactics.

The original Ethereum chain has now been hijacked by and the foundation. They believe the funding we provided them for our Genesis chain is now “free money” and they are under the illusion that the Hardfork is the main chain.

The fraudulent chain now operates on major exchanges with the theft of a our USD$1B dollar market cap and margin trade engines.

Once you begin to bring outside politics, selfish motive and corruption into a blockchain, you destroy the very worth of that chain. In the crypto world, Hardforks designed for selfish reasons violate our code of ethics. Any software updates, improvements to code or patches are a most welcome feat. Any attempts to justify your actions will be promptly shut down by lawyers smarter than you and I.

Our first steps in taking action will be to locate an appropriate base to conduct our affairs. As we understand the Ethereum foundation is based in Switzerland listed as a non profit organisation. is a registered company in Germany – HRB 30026 – VATID DE303959655.

My assumption is that we begin our proceedings on Swiss soil and seek guidance on how to best tackle from this position. If you are an expert in this field we would like to hear from you and seek your guidance on how to best approach.

What is our aim? We pursue our blockchain funding, branding, development, community assets including reddit, websites, domains and associated content.

If we so need, we will reinstate new developers/contractors and will likely employ passionate developers immune to corruption and political motive. If the Ethereum developers wish to participate, they will be contracted for set tasks.

We will move to secure the transparency of funding, spending and related transactions to the Ethereum public Blockchain for all to see and Audit. This reckless spending and wage blowout has gone on too far unabated and we now demand a public Audit. 

The foundation has fallen to corruption and we must act to secure stability.

We call for the resignation of Vitalik Buterin and the board of members and propose a re-election for the safety of our chain. We ask for them to step down from these positions and hand over the community assets to trusted members deemed fit to serve.

There are mountains of evidence piled through chat logs, emails, tweets, conferences, and discussions.

The crypto community is strong and just. We need to make an example of those who wish to bend moral compass and abuse positions of trust.

In the coming weeks we will begin establishing our community grounds and creating the legal vehicle for action. This will not be a solo mission. There are already thousands upon thousands willing to back the challenge and we invite you to join us.

We ask for your support gathering information and intelligence detailing the events as they unfolded. Any emails, chat logs, screenshots, tweets and recordings will be useful.

Join us in the slack group @ !

Please forward relevant information to

Head over to and grab an email. Any correspondence with us will be encrypted by default. 

Once you have that you will be able to access our public slack